How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Connie Cole Jeske

Take ’60 Seconds With’ Connie Cole Jeske from First United Methodist Church to hear her heart behind unity in the city of Tulsa! “We would see revival.”

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Michael Todd

As Michael Todd puts it, “There’s no end to the impact that we can have if the Church comes together in unity. . . it will create a different culture.” Take a…

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Alex Himaya

“My vision for the area is about the Gospel, and not only the Gospel transforming peoples’ lives, but also transforming education, economics and art- Literally the Gospel would infiltrate the…

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Ray Owens

“We have the moral toolbox to help the world understand how to get along. How do you get along? You get along like brothers and sisters.” Meet Pastor Ray Owens…

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Jessica Moffatt

“One way we can live out our unity is to actually be in relationship with people who are very different than we are.” Take 60 seconds to hear from Jessica…

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With Jeff Voth

“We’ve got to stop competing with each other and compete against the enemy. Compete together-against one common enemy and build the kingdom.” This week’s ’60 Second With . . .’…

How Does Unity Work?

60 Seconds With David McKellips

We’re getting to know some of the Tulsa-area pastors and their hearts for the city through our ’60 Seconds With . . .’ video series! This week, take a quick…

How Does Unity Work? Why Unity?

United We Pray

Sometimes, the ‘United States of America’ sounds like an oxymoron. While the name itself states that we’re a united nation, politics, racial tension and other issues can often make our…

How Does Unity Work?

Serve My City 2017 Unites Churches Across Tulsa County

This past weekend, Tulsa and the surrounding area experienced the power of the Church. On days that Noah himself would have considered wet, hundreds of volunteers and more than 10...
How Does Unity Work? News

Congregations Unite Together to Serve Tulsa

A Baptist, a Pentecostal and a Presbyterian walk into a party together. . . It sounds like the beginning of a terribly told joke, but it’s not. It’s a true…