Why Events?

Events are…

  • Catalytic opportunities for churches to start locking arms with other congregations and engage the needs of our cities together.
  • A gateway to ongoing relationships that can lead to collaborative service efforts among congregations to make a bigger impact on the needs in our cities.
  • Inspiring for the church and those outside of it to witness our visible unity.
  • Helps create a culture of unity among the church in our cities that is sustainable and can lead to a city transformed.

One Voice Prayer and Worship Nights

One Voice is a quarterly event where churches from around the city come together for prayer and worship. Pastors, leaders and congregants unite in prayer and praise led by a collective group of worship leaders and pastors from a variety of churches. These experiences provide times of corporate prayer for the Body of Christ to pray over specific needs and issues in our cities and society today. They also provide an opportunity to bring a greater understanding of the importance of unity in the minds of the Church – inspiring people as they see the Church united and reminding us all to be Kingdom-focused. These experiences are truly times of celebration and healing for the Church in a city.

Serve My City

Serve My City is a once a year catalytic event where congregations from around the city serve their cities on the same day. Churches are encouraged to collaborate together on projects or needs. Serve My City is a way to mobilize the Body of Christ in a cities in a unified fashion expressing God’s love to the whole city. The goal is to see churches continue collaborating on a regular basis, serving our city together and creating a culture of unity within our cities.