A Baptist, a Pentecostal and a Presbyterian walk into a party together. . .

It sounds like the beginning of a terribly told joke, but it’s not. It’s a true story of what’s going to be happening this Saturday, April 29th as members of different congregations from all around the Tulsa area walk into the North Tulsa Block Party to serve together. This is just one of the many service projects going on around the city to meet the real needs of real people.

Serve My City is a one-day-a-year event set aside for congregations to work together across denominational lines to serve and love Tulsa County together – as ONE. It’s a day that’s geared to inspire not only service, but true Unity within the Body of Christ as the Church in Tulsa gets to be the hands and feet of Jesus, working together in unison in a real way that communities can see and feel.

One of the major goals of the Unite My City movement is to see churches across the Tulsa area work together in greater cooperation on an ongoing basis to help meet real needs in the city, and Serve My City is the apex of action associated with that goal. As the Church in Tulsa works together, not only does it express our love for one another as Christians regardless of race, denomination or background, but it’s also a mirror of God’s love to the world to those who are outside of the Church looking in. It creates a culture of love and unity, rather than exclusivity, that is attractive to the world.

This is the third annual Serve My City, and congregations are getting involved in multiple ways to join the movement! Some examples of service projects going on this year are congregations choosing any outreach of their choice, serving together at the North Tulsa Block Party and meeting the needs of families in crisis through CarePortal. The goal isn’t for this day to be another opportunity that overwhelms church congregations, but rather an opportunity for churches to engage one another and to do joint service projects together.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend in Tulsa, and we can’t wait to tell the story of what God is going to do through it all!

As a follow-up to Serve My City, join us on Sunday evening, April 30th for One Voice, a quarterly citywide prayer and worship event that’s open to all ages, races and denominations to participate in! We will be celebrating, praying and worshiping together.

Unite My city is not an organization; it’s a movement. Join us in that movement!

Together, we are UNITE MY CITY.

I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.
– John 17:23