Why Is Unity Important? – Part 2

Pray/Worship/Serve (P/W/S) is an event for the Church in Tulsa that kicks off with the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5th, 2016, moves to a collective worship and prayer concert event that night, and culminates on Saturday, May 7th in a city wide serve day.  On Saturday, churches are encouraged to partner with churches they have relationship with or reside in close proximity to serve our city together.

P/W/S is an opportunity for the Church, the Body of Christ, in Tulsa to walk out 2nd Chronicles 7:14 by humbly coming together in unity to 1). “Seek his face” through corporate prayer for our nation, state and city.  2). “Seek his face” by worshiping together as one Body in the city. 3).”Turn from our pride” will humble ourselves by uniting together not only in prayer and worship, but in service to our city is another way we can humble ourselves as the corporate Church in Tulsa.  Together these events are practical steps we can take individually and corporately as the Body of Christ in our city to express our unity.

P/W/S is not just an event, but will be a catalyst to continue fostering the movement of unity in our city.  Events like this are practical steps to corporately position the Church in our city to a place of humility.  By doing this, God promises us more of his grace, (God’s favor and power) in our lives individually, and as the corporate Church in Tulsa.

We will make a practical difference as we serve others together, but we should also expect to see a move of God in the hearts of His people and those around the city of Tulsa as we continue to walk out our unity with one another.

There have been wonderful well-known Christian bands that have come through Tulsa to lead a collective worship experience, but there is something powerful about the local church in a city taking responsibility to coordinate and come together as the local Church to pray, worship and serve together. It’s a living, breathing picture of the Body of Christ in a city coming together in unity to bring honor and glory to God.

Please consider making this event a priority in your calendar to join together with the Church in Tulsa as we continue to move forward together to see this city transformed and as an example to other cities in our nation as The Body of Christ unites together to share the loving message of Jesus Christ.

Why Is Unity Important? – Part 1

P/W/S 2016