Serve Day Update – July 2020

Serve Day - August 8, 2020


Currently, these service opportunities in the following Metro areas are available:

  • North Tulsa (various projects): Point Churches – First Baptist of Tulsa & Transformation Church
  • Hope Valley (located around the 61st & Peoria area): Point Church – Victory Church
  • Kendall Whittier (located around 5th and Lewis area): Point of Contact – Battlecreek Church

If your church would like to sign up to be involved, please reach out to Dara at 918.492.2858 ext 123 or

Promotional Material


We’ve put together promotional materials to advertise Serve Day within your church and on social media.
Please feel free to use & share as you wish.

T-Shirt Order Details


We’ve made ordering your Unite My City Serve Day T-Shirts easier than ever before.
Simply follow the instructions on this site to place your order.

If your church name isn’t listed on the order drop down box, please contact Dara at 918.492.2858 or
and we will add your church so that you can proceed with your order.

Some important notes: 

  • T-shirts are $5.50 each
  • Each participating church is responsible to place their church’s order and to pick up from Oklahoma Ink on Friday, 07/31/2020. 
  • Orders MUST BE PLACED by or before Sunday 07/26/2020 before midnight (no exceptions).