Unite My City Book

Unite My City

By Jason Law

Politics – Race – Social Issues – Justice

Many cities are reeling from the rhetoric of rage and frustration that ultimately impacts the course of our nations. With so much at stake, and in such a volatile environment, how can we:

  • Honor people over our opinions?
  • Choose love over hate, encouragement over criticism?
  • Find peace with one another?
  • Stop the hatred, come together, and make a significant difference?

Unite My City provides some answers to these vital questions. Jason Law offers his experience and many others’ success stories to inspire and provide practical steps for real, lasting change in our cities. The Church, in all our unique expressions, has a tremendous opportunity to step into our higher calling of love, unity, and service to represent Jesus in a refreshing and more effective way.

Unite My City is not just a message – Unite My City is a movement.

About the Author
Jason Law has traveled the world, but all his experiences away from home only increased his love and concern for America and the direction we are headed. It wasn’t long before he realized God was calling him to serve his own country too, and he began in his home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma. His excitement mounted when he not only found like-minded believers in Tulsa, but also in cities across America and beyond.