Serving Afghan Families Coming to Tulsa

Tulsa Church - Afghanistan Response

For 52 years, World Compassion has worked to take the message of Jesus to nations hostile to the Gospel. Afghanistan has historically been one of our target nations. Over the past 12 years World Compassion has also helped facilitate the Unite My City movement in the Tulsa area. An effort to build a culture of unity among churches through relationship, prayer, worship and service.

With an estimated 800 Afghans heading to Tulsa in the coming weeks, this is a time where our international work and local work of uniting the Church through service intersects. We have reached out to ministry partners who also served and even lived in Afghanistan to coordinate a resourceful effort to further equip our community for the opportunity ahead.

This collaborative project was established to help fully mobilize the local faith-based community to help connect and assist designated Oklahoma relief organizations in carrying the load of welcoming Afghans while providing the necessary long-term support they need to re-establish their lives.

This project was not designed to circumvent those organizations with extensive experience with these types of situations like, Catholic Charities. Nor was this project designed to replace individual efforts already being initiated by various churches and organizations within our community.  Rather, this project was designed to fulfil Jesus’ prayer for us in John Chapter 17, “…that they may be brought to complete unity.”  Many hands make light work and ensuring we work together will help us provide the best possible outcome.

If you, your church or organization is already involved in this response or if you are interested in learning more you are needed.  Our intent is to simply help connect people in order to efficiently facilitate efforts.